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One sure-fire way to make a room extra-special is to give one of the walls or the ceiling a little earthy texture mixed with natural color. One thing you have to know, though, is that we're not talking about the awful-looking plaster that's been around for decades. No, no, no...


Natural Interiors uses only American Clay Natural Earth Plasters; this plaster is eco-friendly, non-toxic, infinitely customizable, and easily color-matched. It's free of volatile organic compounds ('VOCs'), and it's naturally dust and mold-resistant. And as if being eco-friendly and looking great weren't enough, it will also help quiet the room as it absorbs sound.


Just think how elegant it would be to add some rich, earthy texture and tones to your home's foyer; it will make quite an impression on your family, friends, and guests when they first walk in. Or, you can bring that calm, serene feeling to your master bedroom-- or even your bathroom-- all while giving it an upgraded look.



What You Should Know About American Clay Earth Plasters:

American Clay is natural and healthy. Their formula provides a high consistency rate of color, form and function. There are three formulas-- Loma, Porcelina, and Marittimo-- and each is enriched by 42 magnificent hues, with unlimited custom colors available. These all-natural earth plasters bring an ancient wall surface to the foreground of contemporary interior finishes.


These plasters are beautiful and versatile, and they are ideal for anything from new contemporary homes to historical restorations. They provide visual depth and character through numerous beautiful textures, something not possible with paint.


Focusing on the inherent qualities of clay-- longevity, mold resisting (without toxic fungicides), temperature-moderating, dirt repelling, humidity controlling, sound attenuating, NO VOC's, flexible and repairable-- the plasters are suitable for use in all climates.

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